Reader Comments

Comments from Facebook readers on specific book segments (cited in parenthesis) posted on various military and aircraft Facebook pages. I know none of these posters. The statements are presented as they appeared, typos and all. Names are in bold.
Tory Fahrion As a history major myself, I love reading your books, (and excerpts), because they capture a specific time and snapshot for future generations. One of my first aviation books was Eddy Rickenbacker’s Fighting the Flying Circus. I truly believe that you have captured an equally captivating moment in flight history. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a huge credit to the C-5 community, the Air Force, and all historians, present and future. (Book one prologue post from Fans of Fred administrator)
Emimar His writing style is such that it makes a good read, and is enthralling throughout...the nearest comparison I can make is to the mighty Ernest K. Gann, and his autobiography ''Fate is the Hunter'' in quality wordsmithing. (Book two comments.)
Dave Monds, An enjoyable final chapter of Lt Col Lacklen’s career made particularly compelling through his lengthy recounting of his efforts and frustrations with the US military anthrax vaccine programme carried out during he late 1990’s. It has been interesting to observe the authors career as it evolved over the three volumes, particularly with regards to his increasing experience and competence operationally. Yet, despite this he was always quick to point out times when he made mistakes or was otherwise, only human. The book also concludes with a moving metaphysical reflection which characterises the authors combined intellect and romance with life, and indeed, aviation. I enjoyed all three book very much.
PB Swayz This was great. Seemed like I was reading a Tom Clancy book. (Book one)
Jeff Jackson You are a great writer, Jay Lacklen. (Mockba).
Jeff Jackson Awesome story, Jay. Excellent writing. I felt like I was right by your side walking into that classroom! (Moscow School).
Gary Tharp Thanks for the story Jay and the rest of them, too. I felt like i was right there with you!! (Engines dancing).
Charles Rogers One of the most interesting pieces I have ever read on Facebook. (Saigon Falling)
Jeff Jackson My goodness, you are a great writer, Jay. (Potato harvest)
Gary Wehrwein Fantastic, absolutely fantastic story! (Vietnam Christmas)
Eric Boehm Well, you certainly have a future as an author. That was beautifully written. (Fini-flight)
Glenn Languirand Wow, that is beyond touching! I felt a tremor upon reading this, really! (Ode to Soldier)
Kimberly Coltman I'm speechless! Brought tears to my eyes! My grandmother always said, "All's fair in love & war"... They would have done the same or worse!!! (Bomb Run)
Tom Militello jay fantastic book one! i had it read in about 36 hours. I couldn't put it down. thanks for sharing. waiting on book two.
Bruce Borg If it was more I'd still get it,I read the first one in 2 days! Once I started I couldn't put it down.
Stephen Todd: I just finished the book last night. There were times I wanted to slap ya, times I cheered and times I was blown away. One hell of a ride. Can't wait for the other two. Money well spent. (Dragons and Silk)
Donald Nguyen That's an interesting take on the war and the NVA, and I agree with the assessment. (NVA)
Tolfe Lee Albert I almost couldn't make it through your well written blog. (Vietnam Memorial).
Roger Zink How profound and well written. Thank you for sharing. USMC 69-70. (Vietnam Memorial).
Ronald Goodrow Beautiful tribute. (Vietnam Memorial).
David Nelson Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing! (Vietnam Memorial)
Tommy Dark Good post Jay. As always I enjoy the way you tell about things that happened long long ago. Got to read your book soon. smile emoticon You have a gift that most don't have for writing . Thanks, Tommy. (Last cell out of U-T)
David Nelson Love your stories. I agree with Tommy Dark. You have a gift for writing. (Last cell out of U-T)
Bill Polewchak A perfect example of why I avidly follow this page. This puts all of the hard work and dedication of those who served into perspective. A vivid, recreation of life, with humor included. (Alert cart start).
Diane Sutherland Meier You're a wonderful writer. I felt like I was right there with you on that plane. (Near death takeoff).
Brad West Love your writing mate. Always leaves me laughing or awe inspired. All the best from Far North Queensland, Australia. (Book one)
Lisa Knight Brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome tribute! (Son’s salute)
Terry Fox Damn you Jay brought tears to my eyes after all these years. (Vietnam Christmas)
Jon Hoornstra Jay Lacklen Wonderful story, great saga. Many thanks. (Last Arc Light cell)
Lynn Rinker Great read, I was completely riveted. (Engines dancing)
Robert H Kelchner Jay. I love your writing style. You have a way of describing these situations that put me in the seat next to you. Thanks. (Engines dancing)
John V Roy Sr. Great narrative a must read for all SAC B-52 Vets. (First ORI)
Richard Brown Jay, your book "Flying the Line" is a great work and very well written.
Paul Allonby Brilliant - enjoyed both your books, they have a prized place in my library!
William Hewlett Jay, You’re an amazing writer. I always enjoy your posts!
Steven Laurence Raymer Wonderful memory etched like a diamond. Thank you, Jay. (Vietnam Christmas)
Buff Dave Even for a critical " insider", this is a great book. I found no detail to quarrel with and the book provided relief/travel back to SAC during the Pandemic.
Diana Pastva I LOVE this quote!(Ode to Soldier)
Wes Thompson I have soooo enjoyed your books. I have all 3 now. All will be re-read several times I am sure. Thank you for taking the enormous amount of time that I am certain it took for you to write these books. (T-37 Epiphany)
Wes Thompson You have done a fantastic job with these books Jay Lacklen. I am not a pilot and have never flown a plane. But you put even ME in the pilots seat. Just incredible. Thank you Sir for writing this series. I think I have all of them now.
Mandelburg Gary This is one of the most profound articles I have read since I returned from UT (and Guam) in 1973. (Bomb Run)
J.c. Arrington I now have all three books. I am half way through book 2. Once I get started reading I have trouble putting the book down. I am an old cargo Crew Chief. The amazing part is all of the same things that happen to all of us. Good job Pilot.